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PC-BMI provides support for solving your home user and Small/Medium Business PC and Mac problems together with support for ancillary equipment failures. These include both hardware and software issues which are our main business area of expertise.


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Case Studies

Computer Repair Specialists In Derby

Here are few example jobs that we have done to keep customers coming back…

Slow PC

PC was very slow and it would not connect to the Internet. We investigated and found that it was corrupted software on the PC and old trial software which was causing the slowness. We removed all of this software and re-installation of required software cleared the problem.

Data From Dead Laptop

Urgent need to get data off a laptop? One customer had spilt water on his laptop but needed the data within hours for a critical meeting. We removed the hard disk from the laptop and copied the files for him to a USB stick and then dried out the laptop over a few days. The customer had his data to take to his meeting and was very pleased…

Broadband Not Working

Unable to connect to Internet yet customer has a new router from BT – we investigated and found the router was turned off when not in use and the laptop was very out of date with updates etc. We advised the customer to leave the router on all the time. We then updated the laptop with security updates and Installed Anti-Virus on the laptop and it all worked fine.. Very happy customer…

Very Slow PC

Extremely slow PC? One customer was finding it very difficult to do anything on the PC so we investigated and found that the hard drive was failing, so just in time we fitted a new one and transferred the data, PC was back to normal and customer delighted, we did advise the importance of backups!

Slow Broadband 1

Very slow Internet Connection yet next door was ok. We investigated and found that one of the phones was faulty. We disconnected this phone and following this we restored the speed to normal…

Slow Broadband 2

Another very slow internet connection with a different customer with concerns about BT charging her £175 if they found it was not their fault. We investigated and found the internal wiring was defective. This wiring was replaced and the risky charge from BT avoided and the customer said it was the fastest and most stable connection ever!

Wireless Range Poor

Customer had a large house and was having no luck with wireless networking. On arrival the many wireless routers already purchased were a surprise and much money had been spent with no success. We did testing for range and interference and the investigation resulted in a business solution being required to gain the extended range.. Customer was delighted that all wireless computers and consoles now worked properly…

Mac Book won't boot up

Customer had an older Apple MacBook and it would not startup. The charger was in a poor condition with fraying wires. We investigated the fault and replaced the hard drive, upgraded the memory, updated to the latest version of OSX and supplied a new charger. Customer was delighted to get their MacBook back fully working…

iMac Dead

Customer had an older G5 iMac which was dead and he had been told by an Apple repairer that the part is no longer available and you will need to buy a new iMac. Customer was not happy and left after paying a hefty inspection charge. We investigated and sourced a refurbished part and fitted it and the Imac is back in working order. The bonus from us being a lower price and longer warranty on the repair.

Laptop USB ports broken

USB ports broken Customer had a laptop that had all USB ports that did not work. We had a look and found that the USB ports had been physically damaged making it impossible to insert a USB plug. We replaced the USB ports and all worked fine again. If you have broken USB ports on a laptop then we can replace them, call today…

Broadband now like lightning

Customer had slow ADSL broadband and wifi range was a mere few metres this was one of the BT supplied models from a few years back… We advised that this was a faulty router and a call to BT soon had a new one on the way. Customer said it now works all over the house and the speed is like lightning. A very happy customer who keeps coming back…

Mac Book with Black Screen

With Black Screen Customer had a fine looking and well cared for Macbook pro they had for several years and it had been very reliable then one morning it was turned on and although there was the familiar chime there was no display. This is a common fault on Macbooks fitted with the Nvidia graphics chip and due to faulty solder. Apples solution is to replace the Logic board at a cost of hundreds!

We had the graphics chip re-soldered with new solder not just a re-flow(which does not last) and all working fine again with no need to buy a new macbook. customer pleased with the much lower bill…


Customer Comments

I have used PC-BMI for a number of years for my computer needs and problems. I have always found Karl listens to my needs and recommends practical and useable solutions bearing in mind my computer illiteracy.
Brian and Kay Wood

Karl has demonstrated a wide all-round level of expertise in tackling any issue that has arisen. He has also fine-tuned configurations to satisfy precise requirements. I can recommend PC-BMi as a reliable partner for your IT project.
David Goodall

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